High School History Recap

#11 The Evolution of Skin Colour with Prof Nina Jablonski

March 21, 2021 William H Palk, Colin du Plessis and Prof Nina Jablonski Season 3 Episode 11
High School History Recap
#11 The Evolution of Skin Colour with Prof Nina Jablonski
Show Notes

"Never stop working for humanity" - Nina Jablonski

American anthropologist, Prof Nina Jablonski, joins us to discuss the evolution of skin colour. We discuss the biological concept of race and the social construct of racism. We differentiate between racial categorization and racial identification. Were the ancients indifferent to race? Did you know that neither Carl Linnaeus nor Charles Darwin placed people in a power hierarchy? Philosophers David Hume and Immanuel Kant had definite racist views. What might have been the reason for this? Racism took on its destructive modern form from the 18th century - the heydays of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. Join us to find out whether it's possible to eliminate racial labels. Find us on twitter @WilliamHPalk, @C_duPlessis and @NinaJablonski1.

2:50 Why do people have different skin colours?
7:40 How did skin colour become a social construct?
16:00 Was Linnaeus responsible for laying the foundation of modern racism?
20:00 People identify with either a superior or inferior mindset
22:30 Racial categorization compared to racial identification
26:00 How did racism become so entrenched in human society? 
30:30 Can we get rid of racial labels?
34:00 Othering does not mean subordination 
37:20 Cooperation as an evolutionary strategy
37:50 How do we change mindsets and attitudes?
39:20 Turning history on its head
40:00 Do the "powerful" need to give up their wealth and power?
44:10 Humanity's special trait of collective learning
45:40 Finding stories of cooperation
47:50 What is the link between Darwinism and Social Darwinism and eugenics?
53:00 Will genetic engineering play a role in shaping racial attitudes?

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